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MapCharacterDPS recordSpeedrecord
ISAA. J. Chanel SCI270,495.1759.10
ISAJane Dior SCI116,509.28977.60
ISAKeriva UKN360,024.05166.10
ISAS'stas UKN437,803.20467.30
ISATrillian TAC292,135.55481.80
ISAZOHAN UKN40,271.161152.00
BHEA. J. Chanel SCI1,910.222386.50
BHETrillian TAC2,184.104349.50
CCAJane Dior SCI4,441.17283.20
CCAZOHAN UKN57,096.19135.00
HSEA. J. Chanel SCI1,070,343.89660.20
HSEJane Dior SCI607,056.12100.90
HSES'stas UKN467,996.34363.40
HSETrillian TAC377,767.13279.50
NTTEA. J. Chanel SCI995.73107.90
ISEA. J. Chanel SCI527,023.993113.40
ISEKeriva UKN490,848.062133.70
ISELydia UKN544,651.927142.00
ISETrillian TAC225,806.132189.70


MapCharacterDPS record (Rank)Speedrecord (Rank)
ISAA. J. Chanel319,310 (425)60 (3512)
ISATrillian290,889 (605)82 (12174)
ISAKeriva255,559 (938)66 (5006)
ISASstas209,934 (1806)22 (5)
ISAA. J. Chanell141,354 (4897)81 (11452)
ISAJane Dior114,445 (7653)80 (11296)
ISAZOHAN99,274.8 (10019)161 (57597)
ISA 11.5ZOHAN32,555.2 (6166)213 (9844)
ISA S12No run found
ISA S13No run found
ISA S14A. J. Chanell19,166 (7153)201 (6000)
ISA S14ZOHAN23,349.1 (6054)261 (8675)
ISA ViLNo run found
ISA S15No run found
ISA RoDA. J. Chanel319,310 (51)106 (2128)
ISA RoDTrillian267,331 (102)102 (1912)
ISA RoDKeriva255,559 (119)66 (297)
ISA RoDZOHAN99,274.8 (1827)161 (7767)
ISA BRA. J. Chanel266,438 (104)60 (223)
ISA BRTrillian290,889 (66)95 (2446)
ISA BRKeriva79,488.2 (3188)115 (5410)
ISA HSKeriva249,764 (807)69 (4953)
ISA HSTrillian210,326 (1409)82 (9789)
ISA HSSstas209,934 (1415)22 (4)
ISA HSJane Dior114,445 (5430)80 (9183)
ISESstas433,060 (1366)96 (532)
ISEA. J. Chanel529,715 (834)117 (1545)
ISEKeriva487,173 (1045)128 (2240)
ISELydia550,442 (750)142 (3108)
ISETrillian228,137 (3795)198 (6159)
ISE HSA. J. Chanel157,536 (4754)117 (1521)
ISE HSKeriva487,173 (1004)135 (2543)
ISE HSLydia550,442 (718)142 (2950)
ISE HSTrillian228,137 (3483)198 (5578)
BHETrillian2,180.98 (187)350 (1248)
BHEA. J. Chanel1,909.75 (245)390 (2375)
BHEA. J. Chanell672.99 (1337)394 (2464)
HSESstas473,565 (268)63 (66)
HSEA. J. Chanel982,657 (39)69 (88)
HSETrillian379,908 (461)80 (191)
HSEKeriva394,147 (423)87 (255)
HSEJane Dior578,055 (162)171 (1467)
HSEA. J. Chanell158,692 (1788)236 (2332)
HSE ViLNo run found
HSE S15No run found
HSE RoDA. J. Chanel540,101 (7)98 (14)
HSE RoDSstas320,567 (38)141 (51)
HSE RoDJane Dior578,055 (4)171 (74)
HSE RoDTrillian225,925 (88)206 (114)
HSE BRA. J. Chanel982,657 (3)69 (1)
HSE BRKeriva394,147 (48)87 (13)
HSE BRSstas369,516 (53)69 (5)
HSE HSSstas473,565 (251)63 (66)
HSE HSTrillian379,908 (423)80 (180)
NTTENo run found


In this graph you can see the players, that were present in record runs with the selected player. Bigger connections mean more runs played by both players. You can navigate to another user-page by double clicking on the player names.

The calculation of CAT and CLR may differ. This page is generated every 30 minutes (when?) and all data come from CAT and CLR.


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